Height: 5'5" (165cm)  Playing Age: 21-35

Eyes: Brown  Hair: Black-brown  Build: Slim


How To Talk To Girls At Parties (2018)  *_Vickie_Dir. John Cameron Mitchell_See Saw Films

Tides (2018)_Ushio_Dir. Joseph Wright_Grin & Bear Films

Magdalan (2017-) *_OhOneOh_Dir. Liam Rodgers_Upscribe

The Love Phenomena (2017)_Amy_Dir. Kasra Firouzyar_Mitsogo Media

 Samurai (2017)_ Samurai/Hinako_Dir. Edward Hiscox

Zansho (2016)_Hikari_Edmund Trevelyan-Johnson_Zansho Ltd

The Jaded (2016) *_Yasue_Dir. Melvin Burrus_RDF JAPAN

JE SUIS UNE IDÉE (2015)_Tourist_Dir. Favio Vinson

FACE UP (2015)_Misako_Dir. Roshini Kempadoo

* = Feature film


CBB Teacup Travels Series 2 "Spouted Pot"_Sakiko_Dir. Simon Hynd_Plum Films

CBB Teacup Travels Series 2 "Netsuke"_Ariuchi_Dir. Simon Hynd_Plum Films

CBB Teacup Travels Series 2 "Inro"_Chiyo_Dir. Simon Hynd_Plum Films

CBB Teacup Travels Series 2 "Print Block"_Masako_Dir. Simon Hynd_Plum Films

CUT (2017)_Ami_Dir. Simon Richardson_A-OK Media House


Dream Team at Global Female Voices_Mia_Arcola Theatre

Failed Epic_News Caster/Mac/Multiple Characters_English Theatre Berlin


"Pish" [Brian Jonestown Massacre] (2015)_Woman_Dir. Christopher Brown / Cargo Records


Knorr 'Love At First Taste'

MIKADO 'Snap!'


Justin Scott Parr Sage and Ladyburg Hug_Multilingual Children Audiobook_Narrator/All Characters_AE Voices

Google CS First_Robot_Google

LesMills Fitness Japanese Dubbing_Fitness Instructors_Voice Archive UK

Low Wood Bay Hotel Promo_Narrator_Tactic Films

•    •    •


Language: Japanese (native), English
Accent: British, Japanese, Asian, American (general)
Voice Skills: Soprano, Anime voice, Kid's voice

Driving License: Standard, Motorcycle

Art & Design: Drawing, Visual Arts, Installation, Japanese Calligraphy, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Scenography Design

Dance skills: Pop, Jazz, Girls, Contemporary, Flamenco, Asian style
Stage Combat : BASSC Unarmed Actor Combatant,
Martial Arts: Xing Yi (Kung Fu)
Sports & Fitness:Yoga, Tennis, Volleyball, Running
Musical Skills: Piano, Recorder, Percussion, Acordion


MA Fashion Marketing and Communication, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
BA Scenography, Display and Fashion Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan


Musical Theatre: Norma Atallah (Acting), Kylie Ann Cruikshanks (Dance), Phil Sutton (Singing) at Arts Educational School
Singing: Margaret Holmes-Drewry at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Yellow Earth Academy
Dance trainng, PEM technique

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